Share Google Contacts with Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Share Google contacts and address books like you share Google Docs

Never waste time again searching contacts!

You and your team members can share, access, comment and update centralized contacts from everywhere (Desktop, mobile phones, Google Contacts, Gmail, Outlook, Whatsapp etc..). Thanks to the 2-way synchronization of Shared Contacts for Gmail®, your organization can soon have a clean and organized contact base.

All your contacts - at your fingertips

Never search for contacts details again : Shared Contacts for Gmail® brings them to you — wherever you are.

Your team can now access a centralized contact base from anywhere: You enter a new customer in your contact list? Your team members will have it instantly in their address book. You receive an email or a call? you can now see all details of the contact and even update them. You need to send an instant message to a customer stored in your CRM? it will come instantly in your whatsapp or SMS app.


How it works

Simple steps to success

  • 01
    Connect Shared Contacts for Gmail® with your Google contacts.
  • 02
    Organize your contacts into shared lists.
  • 03
    Assign permissions to your team members.
  • 04
    Your team can now access and update the shared contacts from anywhere

Secured and Trusted

Certified Google Technology Partner Premier

Shared Contacts for Gmail® is a certified Google Technology Partner Premier: Our application is compliant with the most severe regulations and applies the state-of-the-art technologies allowed by our partner.


Empower your Gmail interface with a unique add-on

Share Google contacts directly from your Gmail inbox

Transform your Gmail into a mini-CRM with our Gmail add-on.
Did you know that contact sharing could be done directly from your Gmail inbox? When you receive an email, you can add the sender as a new contact, update the contact information and share it with all your organization automatically. Now, anyone receiving an email will see all the information related to the sender without leaving their inbox!

Google Workspace Shared Contacts Edition

Using G Suite or Google Workspace? Upgrade to our Special Edition

Share Google Contacts directly from Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, or Google Contacts Manager thanks to our full integration with Google Workspace. In partnership with Google, Shared Contacts offers you a unique and enhanced version of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). This edition enhances your Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) by adding collaborative contact sharing features in all layers of your Google Workspace.

Available on all platforms

Get rid of all the hassle related to all contact management and sharing with Shared Contacts for Gmail: available as a web app, a Chrome extension, or a mobile application. You’ll never have to copy-paste contact details to a bunch of spreadsheets again.

  • Web App accessible from any browser
  • Gmail Addon to share and update contacts directly from Gmail
  • Add sharing features inside Google Contacts page
  • Organize your shared contacts in iOS
  • Organize you shared contacts in Android

Trusted by thousands of leading brands

With more than 2.5 Million users, Shared Contacts for Gmail® is the only contact sharing application that can guarantee an Enterprise-grade level of service and full safety for your data.

It’s your lucky day!

You can try Shared Contacts for Gmail for free, with no additional commitments. Simply start a free 15-day trial, install the app, and see for yourself


Want to know more ?

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