How To Share Contacts With Your Coworkers

To discover that Google doesn’t really offer a feature to easily share contacts with users  across the same or different domains, can be really frustrating!  However, you can solve this issue in a matter or a single click with Shared Contacts for Gmail®!  What is it?  Gmail Shared Contacts® is a plugin that offers such a  long desired […]

Share Google contacts with Gmail Shared Contacts!

Share your Contacts like you share Google Docs ! On the 20th of April of 2011, E-consulting launched Gmail Shared Contacts® to the G Suite* (Google Apps). Gmail Shared Contacts is a simple application that offers the ability to share contact groups. This application allows users to share address books, like they share Google Docs or Calendars with […]

Shared Contacts for Gmail: How Does It Work?

Let’s face it, networking has become one of the most important practices today not just in business but on a daily basis. In order to maintain relationships and acquire the ones that are convenient for our organizations, or that will enrich our  personal lives in any kind of way, we need to engage into constant […]

How To Create Email Templates in Gmail

You already know why email templates are so beneficial: you can structure your messages by creating them and you can save valuable time. If you find yourself using the same email multiple times, copying/pasting it, or even rewriting it (!) say no more! If you  follow  the steps below, you will be able to  create your […]

How To Share Contact Groups With Multiple Users At Once

Kill many birds with one shot! If you would like to share your contacts using Shared Contacts for Gmail® with several (or all)  users of your domain without inviting them one by one,  you can do it by creating a group of users within your domain. Notice that this group will automatically create a group […]

How to Share Multiple Contact Groups at Once?

You already can share your contacts with any Gmail or Google Apps user with  Shared Contacts for Gmail®. BUT let’s say you have 50 groups to share with 200 users with specific permissions. This would imply at least 10,000 manual operations to have the job done.   The list of them is so long that you worry it […]

Manage Your Shared Contact Groups With Shared Contacts for Gmail

Lili is the admin of Shared Contacts for Gmail® and she works in an insurance company that has about 150 employees sharing more than 15,000 contacts. She had all these (mostly irrelevant) contacts showing up on her phone, which is overwhelming! But now, Lili has the freedom to decide which groups she wants to see in her own cellphone. What […]

How To Share Google Contacts Without Losing The Contact Photo

Why are your contact photos so important?  Have it ever happened to you that you have a bunch of contacts in your phone but you barely can remember who they are? Don’t feel bad. When it comes to linking faces and names, our brains are better at storing visual data, such as a face, than a […]

How To Share Google Contacts With External Users

Remember when you couldn’t share Google contacts with users outside your domain? Well… Now we can laugh about that because Shared Contacts for Gmail® released a brand new feature that lets you share your contact groups with users of other G Suite domains or users, literally like you share a Google Doc… With a Shareable link or […]

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