How To Create Email Templates in Gmail

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You already know why email templates are so beneficial: you can structure your messages by creating them and you can save valuable time. If you find yourself using the same email multiple times, copying/pasting it, or even rewriting it (!) say no more! If you  follow  the steps below, you will be able to  create your own templates at Gmail!

STEP 1 Copy and paste your template into an email or do it directly when you click on “Compose

gmail email template print screen

STEP 2 Close your draft and go to your “Settings

gmail template email print screen

Click on the tab of the top that says “Labs

gmail email labels print screen

Search in the labs for “canned responses” and enable the lab. Then click on “Save changes

google mail labs settings print screen

STEP 5 Go back to your drafts and select the one you made.
Then click on the small arrow of the bottom right, next to the trash bin

composing new email message

STEP 6 Look for the option that says “canned responses” and then click where it says “New Canned Response

compose email print screen

STEP 7Type the name of your canned response and click on “OK” !

written email print screen

STEP 8 Now that you have saved your canned response, every time you want to reply to someone with that message or you want to send a new email, you just have to click on the canned response you saved and voila! There is your template!

composing email print screen
email body print screen

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