How To Share Contact Groups With Multiple Users At Once

September 4, 2020 / new_gsc / 0 comment
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Kill many birds with one shot! If you would like to share your contacts using Shared Contacts for Gmail® with several (or all)  users of your domain without inviting them one by one,  you can do it by creating a group of users within your domain. Notice that this group will automatically create a group  ‘email address’ that you can use to communicate with them!

How to do it?

  • STEP 1
    – Go to your Admin Console & click on “Groups” 
  • STEP 2
    – Create a Group of Users (e.g.: “mygroup”) in your Google Apps Admin Console. Then the group will have an email address like <mygroup>
  • STEP 3
    – Add your users 
  • You can add users to your group in two ways: 

Way no.1 – To Add only certain Individuals 

Continue to add your users to the group by clicking on the icon of the right top that indicates you can add members


share with option print screen

Now that you have created the group you can go ahead and share your contacts!

Way no.2- To Add all members of the domain 

If you want to add all the users of your domain in such group, make sure to checkmark where it says “Add all users within to this group”. By clicking on this option, the group will be automatically updated, in case you add more users to your domain.

create new group print screen

How do I share my contacts with the group of users?

  • STEP 4
    – Go to the Shared Contacts for Gmail console and select the group of contacts that you want to share
  • STEP 5
    – Click on the yellow round icon “Add Users” to share the group
  • STEP 6
    – Click on the round arrow next to “Share with others“, this refresh the list of users and groups in your domain, making the new users and users group appear in the box
unnamed file
  • STEP 7
    – Type the email address of the group in the box and click on ‘Share

That’s it: In a moment, the contacts will be shared with the users within the group you created!

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