How To Share Contacts With Your Coworkers with CTA

September 4, 2020 / new_gsc / 0 comment
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To discover that Google doesn’t really offer a feature to easily share contacts with users  across the same or different domains, can be really frustrating!  However, you can solve this issue in a matter or a single click with Shared Contacts for Gmail®! 

What is it?  Gmail Shared Contacts® is a plugin that offers such a  long desired feature.

How does it work?  It works the same way as you share a Google Document:

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By clicking on a “Share” button! 

  • 1. The Admin creates a public address book
  • 2. He selects the user or group of users that will access each address book.
  • 3. The users will now see in their Google contact manager, the new shared group.
  • 4. Users will be able to add/modify contacts in the shared address book.

Find out more about the app in our website  or in the G Suite Marketplace now! 

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