How To Share Google Contacts With External Users

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Remember when you couldn’t share Google contacts with users outside your domain?

Well… Now we can laugh about that because Shared Contacts for Gmail® released a brand new feature that lets you share your contact groups with users of other G Suite domains or users, literally like you share a Google Doc…

With a Shareable link or an Email! Last June this became possible, and it’s time for you to learn how to do it:

STEP 1 Open Shared Contacts for Gmail®, select the group you want to share and follow the same process you normally would to share with the rest of the users within your domain

STEP 2 Type the Gmail address or external G Suite address you want to share the group with

STEP 3 Notice that once you select the user outside your domain the option to send them a message will be enabled (do not deselect it!). Now go ahead and click on “Share”!

What’s happening on the other side? 

The user outside your domain will receive a message similar to this one:

In order to receive the shared group, the user outside your domain must click on the link and accept the shared group. Once that is done, the group of contacts will be shared, and you can even manage permissions (read only, can edit, etc.) in the app for the user, just like any other!

An alternative way to share a group

STEP 1  If you would like to send your own email instead of sending an automated invitation, click where it says “Get Shareable Link

STEP 2 You will have a pop-up screen that allows you to copy and paste the link of the group you want to share, or you can click with it says “Send

STEP 3 If you clicked on “Send” the window to compose your message will appear and you can edit it! So go ahead and start sharing Google contacts!!!

Note: You can enjoy of this feature with the Enterprise plan. Feel free to give it a try!!