How To Share Google Contacts With Your Coworkers

September 4, 2020 / new_gsc / 0 comment
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If you use Google tools you will soon notice that one feature that especially outlook users have grown accustomed to is blatantly absent: sharing google contacts between users across the same or different domains. Sometimes you just need to share your Gmail contacts with a colleague. Google Contacts can be delegated but this is not the same. This might at a first glance seem rather frustrating but there is a simple solution with which you can solve this issue in a matter of a single click – Shared Contacts for Gmail®! 

What is it?  Shared Contacts for Gmail® is an app that solves exactly this challenge. It allows you to streamline contact sharing and management across your team’s tools (Google Contacts, Gmail, Whatsapp, etc.). 

The web application, mobile app, and Chrome extension enable you, in other words, to create shared contact books (or to share an existing Google contact label should you use those) and give access to whoever needs access to the contacts, no matter where they are. Shared Contacts for Gmail® in other words is the answer to the question how to share google contacts that Google Admins have been asking around the world.

How does it work?  It works just like sharing Google Documents:

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By clicking on a “Share” button! 

  • In a first step, the admin creates a public address book
  • In the second step, the admin selects the user or group of users that will access each address book.
  • In the third step, users will now see in their Google contact manager, the new shared group.
  • Now, users, are able to add/modify contacts in the shared address book.

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