Manage Your Shared Contact Groups With Shared Contacts for Gmail

September 4, 2020 / new_gsc / 0 comment
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Lili is the admin of Shared Contacts for Gmail® and she works in an insurance company that has about 150 employees sharing more than 15,000 contacts. She had all these (mostly irrelevant) contacts showing up on her phone, which is overwhelming! But now, Lili has the freedom to decide which groups she wants to see in her own cellphone. What a relief!

Freedom for Administrators

Shared Contacts for Gmail® has the option for “My Contacts Folder Sync“! So now, admins can choose for any users (including themselves) which contact groups to show in mobile devices and Outlook! All you have to do is turn on or off the switch button in the specific group!

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A company address book contains some of the most valuable information you have, and it is critical that this information is maintained, updated and kept safe – by the people who do it best. Just install the app on Shared Contacts for Gmail® and start sharing right away!

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