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Share your Contacts like you share Google Docs !

On the 20th of April 2011, E-consulting launched Gmail Shared Contacts® to the G Suite* (Google Apps). Gmail Shared Contacts is an easy-to-use application that offers the ability to share contact between different users, a feature that has long been missing from the Google app ecosystem. Now, it’s possible to share address books just like we are sharing Google Docs or Calendars. Contacts can be shared with other Google users of the same or a different domain and also with Google groups.

Seamless Integration
After sharing contacts, each authorized user will have access to the shared group in the Gmail Contact Manager. The shared contact can be updated the same way a personal contact is edited! Of course, this happens also with the same access and editing rights that we are accustomed to from other Google apps, to ensure each organization can enable just the right level of contact sharing.

“The real value of this application is its simplicity: it uses the same user experience as the Google Docs’ Share button. It allows teams to collaborate on their contacts, and it greatly improves productivity!” Stef Cohen (E-consulting, CEO)

Why is Gmail Shared Contacts so unique? Some of the features that set Gmail Shared Contacts apart from other contact applications include:

  • An intuitive interface: Allows users to share personal address books and contacts with one click 
  • Seamless integration: Users manage shared contacts directly from their Gmail Contact Manager.
  • Fast synchronization: Automatic synchronization across multiple devices with Google Sync.
  • 24/7 Support

The main difference here is that the contact access is actually shared. The app does not mirror the contact across different accounts but instead allows to access the actual contact information from different users. This makes sure that everyone collaborating around a contact always has the latest information and that there are no delays in the way information flows.

By integrating this app with your account you are increasing efficiency and reducing administrative setbacks!
Gmail Shared Contacts® is available on the G Suite Marketplace

Visit our site to start free trial

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