Shared Contacts for Gmail Now Has Eight Language Versions

September 4, 2020 / new_gsc / 0 comment

These aren’t news, but in case you had no idea, Shared Contacts for Gmail® is in 8 different languages, and the number is growing! 

Not everybody speaks ‘Anglais’! 74% of internet users speak something else, and we can assume that all of these might be facing some of the same technological issues our English speaking users have.

That is why you should know that Shared Contacts for Gmail® has 8 different language versions including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Hebrew

Why is that? 

In order to understand and make the most of an app it is important to understand it! Econsulting & Gapps Experts (The creators & team of the Google contact sharing app), is conformed of people from several nationalities from all over the globe. One good day, a team member saw the app and asked… Why this app isn’t in Spanish or Russian? And that’s how it all started! 

Not just that, but also the website is in all these languages and the users of the app can receive support in their own language! 

Still wondering why you should use Shared Contacts for Gmail®? 

Well.. in case you were trying to share your contacts with your colleagues or family members but you speak ‘Español’ or ‘русский’ better than ‘Englisch’. The app will be then, always easy to use, as there aren’t any language barriers! 

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