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April 8, 2021 / npresotto_gsc / 0 comment

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How To Use Google Groups: A Simple Guide

Are you aware of all of the options that the Google ecosystem offers? “Groups” is one of them. Google Groups helps you increase your productivity significantly, brings more efficiency to teamwork and allows you to secure and share your work documents easily. Today we would like to show you how you can leverage them within […]

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Share Your Contacts Directly from Your Google Contacts! (Chrome Users Only)

Did you know that you can share your Google contacts straight from your Google Contact Manager, just as easily as you share a Google doc? If you haven’t, please watch our new Youtube video showing you how you can do so with Shared Contacts for Gmail.  In the video, we discuss: The importance of Contact […]

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Shared Contacts for Gmail Now Has Eight Language Versions

These aren’t news, but in case you had no idea, Shared Contacts for Gmail® is in 8 different languages, and the number is growing!  Not everybody speaks ‘Anglais’! 74% of internet users speak something else, and we can assume that all of these might be facing some of the same technological issues our English speaking users […]

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