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April 8, 2021 / npresotto_gsc / 0 comment

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How To Use Contact Labels To Organize Your Google Contacts

How to Make the Most Out of Your Contact Labels Share Contacts In One Easy Step! With Shared Contacts for Gmail, you can share your contact labels like you share a Google Doc! It’s that simple! Importance of Labels In order to share your contacts, they first have to be organized in contact labels. Labels […]

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Share Your Contacts Directly from Your Google Contacts! (Chrome Users Only)

Did you know that you can share your Google contacts straight from your Google Contact Manager, just as easily as you share a Google doc? If you haven’t, please watch our new Youtube video showing you how you can do so with Shared Contacts for Gmail.  In the video, we discuss: The importance of Contact […]

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Does Your Sales Team Really Need a CRM? 5 Alternatives For Costly CRMs

Modern sales and customer service teams are responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with prospects and clients, which is not an easy task. Nowadays, consumers are not only well informed about the products and services they want to buy but also demand excellent and personalized customer experience. They require an immediate reply and don’t hesitate […]

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