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April 8, 2021 / npresotto_gsc / 0 comment

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How To Send Confidential Emails in Gmail

This ‘How To’ set emails to be ‘Confidential’ follows on from Shared Contacts for Gmail® Blog post on ‘How to schedule emails on Gmail’. As and when Google updates Gmail, Shared Contacts for Gmail® Blog will keep you up-to-date so that you can make the most out of any new features. Why did Google make […]

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Does Your Sales Team Really Need a CRM? 5 Alternatives For Costly CRMs

Modern sales and customer service teams are responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with prospects and clients, which is not an easy task. Nowadays, consumers are not only well informed about the products and services they want to buy but also demand excellent and personalized customer experience. They require an immediate reply and don’t hesitate […]

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Why and How To Share Google Contacts

While working in any organization, one of the most significant aspects of productivity is knowledge sharing. Thanks to aggregating information, your team can achieve better results. By getting access to more information, your employees can boost their performance. To fully benefit from knowledge sharing, you need to provide tools that enable sharing data and helps […]

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